Friday Five #2


Happy Friday!  It is hard to believe a whole week has gone by since I have last blogged!  It has been a crazy week that started with Halloween and ended with a sick kiddo.  Halloween was so much fun.  My brother, sister-in-law, nephew & niece, sister & mom all came over to trick or treat, hand out candy & hang out.  It was a great time and the weather wasn’t too bad.  The kids only went to about 10 houses before deciding they wanted to come in, warm up & check out their candy.  The good thing about only going to a few houses is that there is not much candy hanging out here.  It was more about hanging out with family as opposed to the candy, which I love.  It will be a fun tradition to have as all the kiddos get older.  How was your Halloween?


Kiddos ready for trick or treating

Tuesday it was beautiful here and as we were getting ready to head out the door for the park, my daughter said she wasn’t feeling well and asked if we could snuggle instead.  I knew for sure that she was getting sick, she NEVER passes up a trip to the park!  She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever, sore throat, head ache & tummy ache…I knew immediately she had strep…we had gotten a letter home from school the week before that someone in her class had strep.  I was hopeful that it had passed her by, but no luck this time.  That is the bummer about school…germs!  But it is good she will build up an immunity to it.  I have had her on pro-biotics, but now I need to add some vitamin c, and vitamin d as we have less sunlight.  We spent the better part of the week snuggling & she has been getting lots of rest.  She is finally on the mend and should be back to her happy bouncy self in a few days.

Yesterday I had my 28 week appointment…HELLO 3rd trimester!  I can’t believe that I am in the final trimester, it seems to be flying by.  I know with the holidays and birthdays coming up these next few months are going to FLY by!  I had to go my glucose test yesterday, yuck!  That stuff is nasty and I am so happy that it’s over.  I should get the results in a few days, but I am thinking that everything should be okay.  I am pretty sure nesting is a thing because I am ready to start getting everything ready for little guy to be here.  I went shopping and got some essentials (I’ll save that for another post), we got his room painted and I think we have picked our “theme”.  I like something that is simple and can be kept as he gets older.  I will make sure to share a nursery post when I get everything done.  It is time for me to register at the hospital and I guess I should think about what I need to pack for the hospital.  These next few weeks will be spent washing and organizing all his baby clothes and things he will need.  I just know it will creep up on me if I don’t start now!


Okay… now that you are caught up on my week it is time for Friday Five #2!  I will be sharing all my favorite things from the week.  I would love to hear what your favorites from the week are!  Share away!


1. This handmade shirt from The Green Flamingo Co.  It is perfect for Thanksgiving and as a good reminder to our kiddos to be thankful & grateful for all they are blessed with.  I am working with Carrie to create a few shirts for when the little guy is here and we get his newborn pictures taken with his big sister.  She is the cousin of my cousin’s wife, and I saw her cute stuff posted on Facebook I knew I could go to her for some cute custom shirts.  Her prices are reasonable and she is so easy to work with.  I can’t wait to see the designs she has come up with.  The Green Flamingo Co is my Featured Mommy Brand of the Week!  You can get 10% off your order when you mention ‘I Am Mommy’ when you place your order.  Be sure to check out her cute designs just in time for the holidays!


2. This vest from Motherhood Maternity!  The weather here has been so up and down it is hard to keep track.  This vest is perfect paired with a scarf when I am out running errands or running to school to drop off and pick up little girl. It keeps me warm enough, without getting too hot.  I am already a furnace, but I know I need to keep warm on the really cold days, so it can be worn under a coat if needed because it isn’t too thick.  I also think that I will be able to wear this when I am not pregnant…maybe!  Motherhood Maternity has 30% off on all outer wear right now, so you can get this vest on sale!  *I don’t get any commission from posting this…I just really like the vest!  I am not partnered with them.


3.  Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I know I am a little behind the times on this one as it is a movie now, but I picked this up at the library and read it in less than a day.  It was one of those books that once you pick it up you can’t put it down.  I laughed and cried…cried a lot, hello pregnancy hormones!  But it was such a good story and just flew by.  I posted this picture on my Instagram and a friend told me there is a sequel!  What?!?  I am so excited to read it, Me After You.  I am going to the library later today to see if they have it.  I still want to see the movie although I know it won’t be as good as the book…the movies never are.  Have you read it?  Seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?

4.  This adorable sign I found on Pinterest while searching for some nursery ideas.  This is a little hint to the “theme” we chose, but doesn’t give it all away.  I have been pinning some cute ideas and some cute crafts I can make for his room too.  I want to head to Michael’s and price out what it would cost for supplies to make some of the art for his room to see if I can do it cheaper than buying it.  I also want to check out a few stores to see if I can find more reasonable priced pieces too.  I know I have time, but I am trying to get as much done as soon as possible because I know life will get a lot busier when he is here and when I am a mommy of 2 kiddos!  Where is your favorite place to find decor and art?



5.  This quote!  Now that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving and well Christmas I have been thinking about how to teach my 4 (almost 5) year old about gratitude.  I have talked to her about what it means to be thankful for what you have and that we don’t need things to make us happy.  Now that Christmas is approaching the kids channels have amped up the toy ads, and every time there is some new toy on she screeches…I WANT THAT!  I say let’s cool it on the I want that, you have plenty of toys to play with.  She says she will put it on her Christmas list, and I tell her that she won’t get everything on her list.  I think that it is so hard to limit what she gets, because up until this baby is here she is and only child.  For a while the only or the youngest grandchild so my husband and I, and our family are always getting her things…even when it’s not a birthday or holiday.  So it is not her fault she loves getting new things, I mean what kid doesn’t?!?  But I don’t want her to grow up to feel entitled to things and to not know how to be grateful for what she has.  I Googled the topic, like most mothers do, and I found this article from The Today Show.  It has some helpful tips.  I also think I am going to create a gratitude calendar and have her tell me one thing she is grateful for each day before we start the day.  We are also big readers in this house so I looked up some books that help to teach gratitude, this list looks like it has some great options.  I am going to look at the library today too.  Do you have any tips or ideas to help teach gratitude?  Any good books?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am hoping that next week things will be calmer and I can get back on schedule with writing.  Do you have anything to add to my Friday Five list today?  Don’t forget to stop by my featured Mommy Brand: The Green Flamingo Co and get 10% off when you mention ‘I Am Mommy”.  She has some really cute designs & can make you custom clothes as well!

Glad to have you here today!

Love in mommyhood,


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Friday Five


Happy Friday!  This is my first Friday Five post, yay!!  I have been having a great time talking to some awesome mommy brands that I will be partnering with, so be sure to check back often for new updates.  If you have a mommy brand that is geared toward moms, babies, or kids and want to partner up I would love to hear from you.  If you send me a message via my contact page we can chat!

Now on to my Friday Five!


  1. This NOPE tee from Pretty Fit Boutique.  I am an ambassador for Pretty Fit Boutique and for Pretty Fit Athletics.  I own quite a few of the active wear tanks and I LOOOOVEEE them.  They don’t fit me right now, hello baby bump, but when it is time to get back to my fitness routine I will be wearing them again.  Now Jackie, the shop owner, has added some comfy & casual t-shirts & tanks to her Pretty Fit Boutique line.  When I saw the NOPE tee I wanted it!  I am totally going to get it and save it for after baby boy is born.  Pretty Fit Boutique is my featured mommy brand of the week.  You can get 10% off your order with the code iammommy10.  Head on over to her site and check out all her cute designs!


2. These Converse All Star Leather and Faux Fur High Rise Boots.  I saw these in an ad that came out for a sporting goods store and fell in love!  I ordered them from the Nike site, because they didn’t have them at the store advertising them (weird, right?).  They are so cute & comfy and look great with leggings or jeans.  I wear them with the zipper open in the back for a little extra room for my skinny jeans.


3. Halloween!  I forgot how much fun Halloween was when I was a kid, which is why watching my daughter dress up and have fun is such a blast.  We have done a few Halloween events, one at the library and one last night at our local Kroger.  The one at Kroger was so fun, they had games, crafts and snacks.  Ariana & her cousin had so much fun, she asked if we could go again today.  I am looking forward to celebrating on Monday with her and some family that is coming over.  She doesn’t have school so we will do some fun Halloween crafts & just hang out until my brother, sister, mom and niece & nephew get here.  How do you celebrate Halloween?  Do you find events to attend, or just do trick or treating?

Here are some photos from the event last night.


4. This Shimmer & Shine craft from Nick Jr.  I got this in an email last night and showed it to Ariana so we are going to do it today since she is Shine from the show Shimmer & Shine.  It will be cute to use for trick or treating and then she can use it to carry her toys around.  I will post more info on how it goes on my Instagram later today.  Do you have any fun crafts planned for the weekend?

5. This Double Chocolate Paleo Brownie in a mug from Paleo-ish.  I made this a few weeks ago and it was so good that I think I am going to make another one today!  I have a serious sweet tooth and I love chocolate.  It’s so funny because with this baby I crave more sweet and with my daughter I craved salty, so I was sure she was a boy.  Guess some of the old wives tales don’t hold up!  Anyway, I have all the ingredients on hand for this, because anytime I do baking it is usually Paleo baking.  I just really love using almond flour instead of regular all purpose.  I did follow the Paleo diet for a little bit, and while I liked it, it was too hard to sustain long term.  I do still eat some Paleo meals and like I said I do all my baking Paleo style.  If you are craving something sweet and decadent then you have to try this brownie in a mug, you wont be disappointed!  I found it on Pinterest, and pinned it so I would have it for when I wanted to make it again.  Have you ever tried a mug cake or mug brownie?

Well that is it for my Friday Five!  I hope that you had as much fun reading as I did writing this post.  Do you have something awesome to share for Friday Five?  I would love to hear about it!  I hope that you enjoy your weekend!  I will be back on Monday with a new post.  Don’t forget to check out my featured brand of the week: Pretty Fit Boutique and remember you can get 10% off your purchase with code: iammommy10.

Thank for stopping by today!

Love in mommyhood,


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Welcome to I Am Mommy


welcome-to-i-am-mommyFirst I just want to say hi and welcome to I Am Mommy!  My name is Angelena and I am the mommy to an amazing little girl who is 4, and I am pregnant with our son who is due 3 days after her third birthday.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a personal trainer and nutrition specialist.  For a while I worked from home, training and doing some online training, but with being a full-time mommy it was hard to balance the two.  I also run a fitness & healthy living blog, but since my fitness is on hold for the time being I haven’t posted much there.  I always wanted to be one of those fit pregnant ladies who only had the bump, but working out during this pregnancy is really difficult.  When I was walking and lifting weights last month it felt like my abdominal muscles were separating…most painful thing ever!  I decided to start back up last week and my sciatica started acting up and now I am limping.  So…I have decided just to focus on staying active with my daughter and eating really healthy!  Once my little boy is here and I start working out again, I will share some of my mommy fit tips that helped me get back into shape after my daughter was born.

Lately I have started to think about who I am and what I want to do.  I have always loved writing and reading.  I loved working on my other blog and really missed it.  One morning I was relaxing while my daughter was at pre-school, trying to get in all the relaxing I can before the baby is here, and I was thinking about how much I love being a mommy.  When my daughter was born it was the happiest day of my life.  I knew that God had made me her mommy for a reason.  As the years have gone by my house has gotten increasingly messier, each room has bins of toys, and I seem to always be trying to organize and clean up at the same time!  But the messier my house got the more my love grew for my daughter.  I know that she will only be little once, so I try not to stress over the small stuff.  I figure if she goes to sleep happy at the end of each night then I have done my job.  Now, with a second baby on the way, and more things being added to my list I decided to start a mommy blog.

Thus, I Am Mommy was born.  I want to keep a journal of their childhood, and to share with other mommies stories, ups and downs, tips, and just every day mommy life.  As I grow and progress my blog I would like to work with baby, kids and mommy brands to bring you what is the latest & greatest and to do some product reviews!  We are all in this together and I think that the more of a community you have as a mommy the less you will feel alone in this journey.  I am so incredibly blessed to be a mommy and I can’t wait to dig in and share some posts about what being I Am Mommy is all about.

Here are some of my favorite things this week!

My book of the week: November 9 By Colleen Hoover


Kids book of the week: Monster at The End Of the Book By Jon Stone


Mommy must have of the week: Car Seat Canopy  Use code ab2d3a for $50 off your purchase (affiliate link)


Featured vendor: Michelle Wolf Photography 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I would love to hear your thoughts about my new site & blog and anything that you would like to read about in the future!

Love in Mommyhood,